First Post- 12 January, 2008

I have been meaning to do this for a long time now, as so many people have- the blog that is. Initially I had hoped to attach a blog to my website, embed it right in a page. But that did not happen. It does not appear to be too complex; many people do it. But for now, I will just post here. One day when I am feeling more patient and have some “free time” I will search for the instructions and complete that task. As for now, I spend enough time at my computer compiling my thoughts and experience from the desert into something readable to post on my website. That is my immediate goal- to fill out my website so that it fits the description that I have given it. The goal is a website that offers all the information you need to safely enjoy a visit to the canyons and rivers of southern Utah and the southwest. Future posts will contain more information in line with that goal. This post is merely a greeting, and somewhat of a test.

Please visit to read more and to see what I have been doing, and plan to do.

As for plans, this summer is nearly scheduled. I will ride the White Rim, unsupported, pulling a Bob trailer with my gear- that will be in either May or August. In May I will spend a couple of weeks in the Escalante region, above the river, exploring the canyons there. I plan to rough it for a few of those days at least, working on primitive skills. In July I will float the San Juan River from Bluff to Mexican Hat with my family, 5 or 6 days, then we’ll camp for another week or so. In August I will float the Dirty Devil River from above Hanksville down to Hite (the marina, not the town- maybe some day that will happen). If time allows, I will head back to Cedar Mesa, one of my favorite places on Earth, for the 8th summer in a row. I need to take a look at the upper section of Grand Gulch, explore Water Canyon a bit more, hike through the last bit of Slickhorn Canyon, and hike Dripping Canyon.

There you have it. I will post more on the summer- coordination issues, schedules, gear and so on- as the plans work themselves out. Until then, remember to drink plenty of water.


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