Anderson Ranch Workshop- Photographing Canyon Country

I will be acting as guide for a field photography course given by Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Aspen, Colorado, and taught by photographer Len Jenshel.  The course runs from 12 through 19 September, 2009.  It will be based in Moab, Utah and we will travel daily to photograph and enjoy the surrounding  area. Included in our possible subject list are local ruins, rock art panels, the Colorado River and its canyon, rock structures in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, and other local features such as mines, railroad beds, and bridges.

I will be helping to select the specific locations we will visit and photograph. I will be available to provide students with information on the desert including prehistory, geology, flora, and fauna as we enjoy the late summer in the canyons and desert around Moab.  I will provide students with information on short, local hikes and join them on an afternoon hike or two if time allows.  Students will  also be given information on the town of Moab- dining, museums, shops, and local points of interest.

To learn more about the instructor, Len Jenshel, you can visit his website. The image below is an example if his work in the area.

The following is the formal description of the course.  For more details,  visit the Anderson Ranch website.

Students will experience the most amazing landscape of redrock canyon country in Utah. Each day students will photograph a different landscape of fantastic sandstone rock formations in two of the greatest National Parks in America-Arches and Canyonlands. Our experienced guide will take us off the beaten path to see breathtaking vistas, deep river canyons and ancient rock art. In the evenings we will use Photoshop/Lightroom to look at the day’s work-editing, projecting and discussing each participant’s pictures. In a landscape that resonates with myth, magic and metaphor, we will discuss notions of “beauty in photography,” the “cultural landscape,” and other contemporary topics relating to landscape and art. There will be a special evening excursion for night photography as well as portfolio reviews.

Visit the Anderson Ranch website to register for the course or to email questions to the school.


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