Leaving For the Desert Tomorrow

Nicolai and I are ready to go.  Today was a very warm day here in Colorado and we are hoping for many more on the other side of the mountains in the next couple of weeks. We are heading towards Hanksville in the morning.

We finally bought a SPOT GPS Messenger today and are planning to give it a try on this trip.  They are on the market again after many months and you can now register them online. As I have written a few times, the SPOT is not a replacement for a PLB, but it could be fun for what it is.  We’ll try it out and report on it once we return. I think you can follow our travels by clicking here.

Nicolai decided that before we left, and it had to be the night before we left, that we had to perform a “safe travel” ritual.  He had been putting together all the tools he needed to perform it, and my part was to get him some corn meal from the freezer and build a fire.  We used sagebrush, a redtail hawk feather, and his hafted obsidian knife as well.  I think our travels will be safe.

Nicolai ready to make our travels safe.

Nicolai's hafted obsidian knife.


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