Summer Visit to Nevada

This will be a very brief blog post, with more details to follow once we are back home. Nicolai and I are currently in Fallon, in Nevada’s Great Basin. We have been watching birds, jets and helicopters from the local Naval Air Station, and enjoying the hot and dry desert air- it has been in the high 90’s here.

We spent a couple of days at and around Lake Lahontan, the local reservoir created by the damming of the Carson River early in the 20th century. I will give more details on visiting Lake Lahontan in our end of trip blog post.

We still have a few days here and plan to visit some of our local favorite locations including Stillwater Marsh for more birding, and Grimes Point to have  a look at the petroglyphs. Our trip back to Colorado will be via Amtrak; we have talked about taking the train for years now and Nicolai is very excited about seeing some of our campsites in Utah from the train. We will try to get some photos along the way as we travel through Utah.

For more on our trips to Nevada, Utah, and other western locations visit the Desert Explorer website.


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